Miike Snow’s Adorable “Genghis Khan” Music Video Going Viral


Miike Snow (who, if you didn’t know, is a band, not a person) released the music video for “Genghis Khan” in January, so this is hardly breaking news. The video has, however, been increasingly shared online, now having more than 4,000,000 views on YouTube alone. The second single of their latest album, iii, features an adorable and hilarious plot of a cliché evil villain falling in love with his James Bond-style nemesis.


It pairs drama with cute dance moves, more akin to what one would expect in a Fred Astaire musical than in a pop song, but it somehow perfectly complements the song’s serious content and yet fun, catchy sound.


Watch it, or check out the whole album, at miikesnow.com 


Local Band Profile: In Her Own Words

In Her Own Words is a Los Angeles local Pop-punk band that if you haven’t heard, you are missing out.


The classic pop-punk sound is still alive and well in southern California, and still rocking in basement shows and emptied-out backyard pools the way so many of us in East Coast suburbs only imagined. If not always literally in that type of show, this band still embodies that SoCal vibe with their rocking riffs and fast, hard lyrics. They are Blink-182 meets Real Friends, with impressively controlled vocals and rhythm.

Since 2010 the band has put out three EPs and one full length album, all independently produced. “East and West,” the 2014 EP, features acoustic versions of five songs from the earlier album “Everything I Used To Trust,” giving fans a chance to really see the wide range of talent the guys have.

Catch them local in LA, or check out their music through their facebook page here, or download on iTunes.


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New Single Release: Santana’s “Leave Me Alone”

Fans of all ages have been long anticipating Santana’s new album, Santana IV, featuring a majority of the classic, Woodstock-era lineup.

Following the single “Anywhere You Want To Go” (released Feb 5th), the band put out “Leave Me Alone” this Friday (April 8th) as a teaser for the album release of Santana VI next week, on April 15th, 2016.

Very much a band of their time, Santana has not released the single streaming anywhere online, but can be purchased alone on Amazon or iTunes, or with the full album next Friday.



OK Go’s New Video is Out of This World Good


OK Go, the band first made famous by their treadmill music video  for “Here It Goes Again” in 2005 has continuously impressed fans with their over-the-top music videos. Highlights include a massive rube goldberg machine for “This Too Shall Pass,” a warehouse full of continuous forced-perspective shots in “The Writings On the Wall,” and the AMAZING aerial shots of 2,300 dancers with umbrellas in “I Woln’t Let You Down” (if you haven’t see in yet, check it out. Its unbelievable).

In the most recent  music video, for “Upside Down & Inside Out,” the second single off their most recent album, Hungry Ghosts, continues the trend of outdoing themselves. The video was shot entirely in an airplane flying parabolic maneuvers, providing weightlessness. The effect is a video seeming to be shot in space.


See the whole video here

Like the band’s previous videos, it was filmed in one continuous shot. However, since in an airplane the longest period of weightless possibly is a little less than 30 seconds, chunks of time had to be cut out while the plane recovered height. The cameras were continuously rolling, although we have to take the band’s word on that more so than in their previous continuous-shot videos.

It’s hard to say how the band will top this, but that has been the sentiment after each music video they’ve put out, so we can look forward to something even crazier.