Band Profile: Smallpools


If you’re looking for some fun summer jams, and you don’t already have some Smallpools songs on your beach or road trip playlist, you are missing out.

Smallpools is a Los Angeles-based indie band made up of singer Sean Scanlon, guitarist Mike Kamerman, and drummer Beau Kuther.

Smallpools’ music has a fun, party vibe without taking away from content and quality. Fast drums, catchy choruses with strong backing vocals, and creative lyrics come together to make music that will get you up off your feet and dancing.


Their first single, “Dreaming” is far and away their most popular song, but if you’re only listening to the chart-toppers, you are missing out on some excellent deeper tracks. Check out other winners like “American Love,” “Street Fight” and “Admission to Your Party.”

The band formed in LA in 2013 and quickly released their first single, “Dreaming” which reached #23 on Billboard’s Alternative Song chart, has continued to be a fan-favorite. They released a self-titled EP with RCA Records shortly after, and a full-length album, LOVETAP! in 2015.

It’s likely you’ve caught their track “Over and Over” from a popular Snapchat promo video, or their most recent single “Run With the Bulls.”

Keep an eye out for Smallpools’ new music, which¬†apparently is coming soon. The band’s website frustratingly gives no concrete info on when music is coming, other than “New music Summer ’17,” so hopefully that means something soon. They’ve also got a tour scheduled for late summer/early fall, so if they are coming to your town, it’s a safe bet for a fun time.


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